Genelle Says No to Blue Boxes

With Another Opportunity to Choose the Convenience of Blue Boxes, the Community of Genelle Once Again Turns Down Curbside Recycling

Genelle, BC (Black Press) January 23, 2007 -- The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) recently announced through the Area B newsletter that the majority of Genelle residents have once again voted against the Blue Box Recycling Program.

At the October meeting held at the Genelle Hall, it was decided that a door-to-door poll of all residents would be conducted in regards to the recycling program. In order to save money for the district, Director of Area B, Marie Christensen, personally conducted a telephone poll of 220 households.

The results were as follows: ninety-four in favor of keeping the current recycle bin depot located at the Genelle Fire Hall; sixty-nine in favor of the new Blue Box curb-side recycling program; twenty-six messages left; eighteen had no telephone service; seven with no answer; and six were not interested. This result was in great contradiction to the preliminary vote held at last October’s meeting with the results being almost 2-to-1 in favor of the Blue Box program.

Many residents have expressed concerns about not having been called during the telephone poll along with no message being left on their answering machine. With the original decision of a door-to-door poll being switched to a telephone poll, this has also left some residents wondering about the validity of the call-out. Others were surprised to learn of the final result as they assumed the blue boxes would soon be appearing on their doorsteps as they had not been informed otherwise.

In light of the results and according to Raymond Gaudart, Director of Environmental Services, RDKB, “it would take a petition with over half the households signing to get it (the Blue Box Recycling Program) back on the agenda.”

The biggest advantage of a curbside recycling program is that more people generally participate resulting in capturing twice as much recyclable material as with depot programs. Ease and convenience with only pennies a year more in cost seemed to be a winning situation for those in attendance at the fall meeting; however, the poll results did not reflect the same.

The Blue Box Recycling Program has been successfully implemented in most RDKB communities. The exceptions are Bridesville, Beaverdell, Upper Oasis, and Casino – these exclusions are mainly due to a lack of residents in the area or
to being remotely located. Genelle seems to be the only community where the choice not to implement the program was made by the residents themselves.

According to the RDKB, a Zero Waste initiative was adopted in November 2000 with over 90% of area residents having access to curbside recycling.

For more information about Blue Box Recycling Programs in the area, contact Raymond Gaudart or visit