Forks, WA, is Home for Twilight Tourism

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Mountains lies the innocuous little town of Forks, WA, population 3,000.  It also happens to be the setting of many scenes in the Twilight vampire movie phenomenon.

Forks is normally a quiet town built on the logging industry, and two correctional institutions, but lately, it’s been inundated with tourists living the Twilight dream in seeking actual filming locations from the movie.  Twilighters have invaded the town, so much so, that tourism has increased three times over that of last year.

Twilight tourism sites in Forks include:
  • The City of Forks Welcomes You sign
  • First Beach in LaPush where Jacob tells Bella of Quileute legend
  • Forks High School where Bella and Edward first met
  • Swan House where Bella stays with her father, Charlie, in Forks
  • Forks Outfitters where Bella works as a clerk
  • Clallam County Sherriff’s Office sign
  • Dr. Cullen’s office
  • Fork’s Chamber of Commerce where Bella’s truck is parked
  • Vampire Baseball Field near the Quillayute Prairie Cemetery
The Forks Chamber of Commerce website offers a webcam view of First Beach, a Twilight Blog, an online Twilight store, a Twilight photo gallery, plus a donation site to help save Forks High School.  There’s also a great 5-day travel guide that Twilighters can follow along accommodation, restaurant, and shopping recommendations.

For more information, visit Forks Chamber of Commerce.

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