Discover the Pristine Northeast Coast of Brazil

Are you looking for an alternate destination for your vacation this year with the perfect combination of sun, sand, authentic culture, nature, and cuisine?  Look no further than the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Offering over one hundred miles of gorgeous coastline, Pernambuco is known for its spectacular marine life and scuba diving plus its historical architecture displayed in the abundance of 16th century Dutch buildings.

One vacation option is Recife, the capital city of Pernambuco.  This port city has only recently become a popular choice for tourists and is known as the ‘Venice of Brazil’ due to its canals, bridges, and narrow windy streets.  Within Recife, Boa Viagem has immerged as the place to stay as it offers a wide selection of hotels and nightlife while Old Recife is known for its restaurants, museums, and architectural charm.

Olinda, the former capital city of Pernambuco is just 4.5 short miles north of Recife.  Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Olinda proudly displays some of the best colonial architecture in all of the country.  Along the Golden Coast (between Olinda and Recife) are several excellent dive sites offering a fabulous presentation of sharks, turtles, and shipwrecks.

The tiny island of Fernando de Noronha (also a UNESCO World Heritage site) lies approximately 340 miles from Recife and is the only inhabited island in the archipelago.  Formed atop an underwater volcano, Fernando de Noronha offers no less than sixteen stunning beaches with amazingly clear turquoise waters which are again perfect for diving, snorkelling, and even surfing during the winter months.

For more information, visit Brazil Tourism. Photo Credits:
Olinda by Helder da Rocha and Recife by Helder da Rocha 

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