Top Choices for Best Vancouver Olympic Souvenirs

It’s taken me many years of traveling to realize that souvenirs should evoke cherished memories of the place you have visited and that this does not include old dusty souvenir magnets placed haphazardly on a fridge.   

Taking into consideration the amazing Vancouver west coast lifestyle and culture, here are Travel Writer’s Top Choices for Best Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Souvenirs (some of which are not Olympic themed but will reveal wonderful memories of Vancouver nonetheless).

Visit the historic district of Gastown and take home an authentic aboriginal piece of artwork ranging from a striking native art print to a stunning mask or totem; try Hill’s Native Art at 165 Cambie Street or Coastal Peoples Fine Art Gallery in Yaletown (1024 Mainland Street)

An Inukshuk (the Vancouver Olympic symbol) could be a typical souvenir but not if you buy an inuit Inukshuk made of jade; for added Olympic flavour, try the Inukshuk Hockey Players at The Jade Mine (#4-375 Water Street)

Visit the Olympic O Zone in Richmond to sample the world-famous award-winning Inniskillin Icewine; choose your favorite and purchase a bottle (or two) to enjoy at home (note: due to its popularity, Inniskillin Icewine is definitely not a long-lasting souvenir as once the bottle is open, it will empty quickly)

Take the time to go through your own photographs from Vancouver; have them enlarged, display them, and enjoy; visit Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and the Vancouver Aquarium for photo ops

Visit Aritzia (1110 Robson Street), one of the official suppliers of 2010 Olympic costumes including the gorgeous Vintage Ski Coat, the amazing Heritage Sweater (to be worn by indoor medal bearers), and the adorable Cocoon Parka; all of which are rumoured to soon be available to the public

Take a tour at the Granville Island Brewery Taproom (1441 Cartwright, Granville Island) and enjoy four sample tasters; be sure to inquire about their ‘limited release’ brews and take your favourite home to enjoy

For another taste of Vancouver, visit Salmon Village (779 Thurlow Street) and try the Salmon candy, jerky, or caviar or consider a Salmon & Maple gift package combination

And if you really do find yourself in need of an official Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic souvenir, the best selection and the easiest way to avoid line-ups is to visit the Official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store online.  But remember, they only take VISA.

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