Become a Caretaker and Stay for Free!

According to Gary C. Dunn, publisher of The Caretaker Gazette, caretaking is the profession of caring for a property for a period of time in exchange for receiving rent-free accommodations.  

“Caretaking can be as simple as house sitting with minimal duties involved to a full-time job as a caretaker of an estate,” says Dunn.  “Anyone who is healthy, can provide good references, and possesses common sense can become a caretaker.”

If you have the desire to travel, caretaking can provide the means for singles, retired couples, or for those simply on a budget.  But how does someone without any experience begin caretaking?

Dunn advises establishing a reference list of professional acquaintances within your personal life – this could include your own landlord, your doctor or lawyer – and have this list ready to be able to respond to caretaking ads immediately.

And where do you find these caretaking jobs?  Since 1983, the bi-monthly Caretaker Gazette has been offering over 1,000 caretaking opportunities annually to their over 10,000 subscribers.  In addition to the bi-monthly publication and with new listings coming out almost every day, subscribers are notified about these fresh opportunities a few times a week.

How can you become a part of this amazing travel opportunity?  By subscribing to the Caretaker Gazette through their secure website (, by telephone (1-830-755-2300), or by mailing in a money order or check to The Caretaker Gazette, 3 Estancia Lane, Boerne, TX 78006.

Best of luck and let us know if you find a caretaking opportunity that works for you!

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