Personalized All-You-Can Drink with Celebrity Cruises

Have you ever been on a cruise where you’ve totally let loose?  Club hopping at 2:00 a.m. like a twenty-year-old only to wake up the next morning to find the chocolate on your pillow smeared all over your face?  Yes, things were still fine until you were slammed with that $500 bar tab.

Celebrity Cruises has an app for that.  Well, maybe not an app but a fix, nonetheless.  Introduced last fall, Celebrity Cruises has a number of Beverage Packages available for passengers that include (in USD):
  • Beer Package (a selection of domestic & imported beers), from $34.50 per night
  • Liquor Package (Classic or Premium), from $51.50 - $76 per night
  • Taste of the Vineyards, from $114 per package
  • Frozen Drinks Package, from $22 per night
Or for younger (or more-in-control passengers):
  • Bottled Water Package, from $13.50 per night
  • Fountain Soda Package, from $6 per night
For more information on the all-you-can-drink Beverage Packages, visit Celebrity Cruises or check out online exclusive cruise deals!

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