2010 Airline Quality Rating Report

Authored by Professor Dean Headley (Wichita State University) and Professor Brent Bowen (Purdue University), the 2010 Airline Quality Rating report has just been released from a compilation of information about airline performance across the USA.

The summary below will provide highlights of the most commonly sought out airline information such as on-time arrivals, issues with baggage, and denied boarding. Based on 2009 and without further adieu, here are the best and the worst USA airline statistics.

Best On-Time Arrival Airlines:
1. Hawaiian
2. Southwest
3. Alaska

Worst On-Time Arrival Airlines:

1. Comair
2. Atlantic Southeast
3. AirTran

Lowest Involuntary Denied-Boarding:
1. JetBlue
2. Hawaiian
3. AirTran

Highest Involuntary Denied-Boarding:
1. American Eagle
2. Comair
3. Atlantic Southeast

Lowest Mishandled Baggage:
1. AirTran
2. Hawaiian
3. Frontier

Highest Mishandled Baggage:
1. Atlantic Southeast
2. American Eagle
3. Comair

Lowest Complaints to Department of Transportation:
1. Southwest
2. Express Jet
3. SkyWest

Highest Complaints to Department of Transportation:
1. Delta
2. United
3. US Airways

For more information or to view the complete report, visit Airline Quality Rating.

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