Hidden Africa: Discover the Seychelles

If you’ve watched the recent episodes of the Amazing Race 16, you’ve been treated to a glimpse of the amazingly beautiful Seychelles Islands off the coast of Africa.

Located approximately 1,000 miles to the east of Kenya, the Seychelles are comprised of 115 gorgeous tropical islands.  The main island to visit, Mahé, is home to the international airport of the Seychelles.  The island’s capital city of Victoria offers the largest selection of accommodations, restaurants, casinos, & nightlife opportunities.

Currently there are 16 islands in the eco-friendly archipelago offering accommodations which makes island hopping around the Seychelles a popular activity.  Catch a short flight to Praslin to enjoy some authentic Creole cuisine and then off on a ferry ride to La Digue Island for scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, or deep sea fishing.

Seychelles Islands Travel Tips:
  • the islands receive the most visitors during our summer and winter months
  • do not collect seashells as it is prohibited on most of the islands
  • the average temperature is 29°C (84°F) year round
  • official languages are English, French, and Creole
  • why not take advantage of the location and book an African safari as well?
For more information, visit Seychelles Islands Tourism.

Flickr.com Photo Credits:
Seychelles - Acqua by Rachel TheCat


  1. I did see some of the episodes of the Amazing Race 16 and truly started admiring Seychelles. Its heaven.
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  2. A haven for divers, both snorkel and scuba, Seychelles has six national marine parks, where coral islands are rich with more than 1,000 different species of fish.
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