Continental & United are now United!

With the recent announcement of a merger between Continental Airlines & United Airlines, the combined company will serve 370 destinations in 59 countries worldwide.

What does this mean for consumers?
Generally, it's a great opportunity for traveling consumers:
  • it means better efficiency which will reduce overall costs for consumers
  • the two airlines compliment each other in that they offer different routes; there is minimal overlap for their domestic routes and no overlap on their international routes
  • this lack of overlap also means fewer jobs are likely to be lost
  • sustainability and profitability for investors
  • the best frequent flyer program in the industry
Some consumer advocate groups have expressed concerns that fare prices will rise, however, as per previous mergers (Northwest with Delta; TWA with American) these claims seem to be unfounded.

Ultimately, the merger of the two airlines helps to ensure the vitality of the airline industry within the United States; better this, than for two airlines to dissolve.

The Continental Airlines and United Airlines merger is expected to finalize at the end of 2010. Although changes may occur at a later date, both Continental & United will continue to service all communities within their routes until this time.

For a sneak peak at the merged Continental/United network, visit United Continental Merger.

For more general information, visit United Continental Merger or view Frequently Asked Questions.

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