Five Facts About Father's Day - One Solution

With Father's Day only a few days away, let's get this show on the road with a great travel gift idea for Dad with these Five facts about Father's Day:

1) No one knows what to get Dad
2) Pretty much everyone, including Dad, has TRAVEL on their "bucket list"
3) Most kids can't afford to give Dad a trip
4) Most kids CAN download a song or movie to a cell phone or mp3 player
5) Most Dads haven't tried a download yet - maybe they'd appreciate some help,
even if they don't ask.

Here's the solution! Do a Download for Dad: a guided tour for his mobile device from (VTT), the largest supplier of tours of the world for any mobile.

Is he really going to Barcelona? Rio? Singapore? Great! Then a VTT guide will show him around. Or, if he's into armchair travel, this is the best way to see more than 150 destinations.

And better yet, VTT is offering a 20% discount for tours purchased before Father's Day, June 20th, using promo code DADGIFT on the checkout page.

Press Release: Visual Travel Tours

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