Best Barbecue in America

During the summer, there's truly nothing better than barbecue. That tangy, sticky sweet sauce slathered over a variety meat, slow cooking for's mouth watering.

Our friends over at Gayot recently smoked out the best barbecue in America; here's the list of their grilling favorites:
According to Steven Raichlen, well known barbecue-guru, his favorite barbecue joints are listed in an article published at Epicurious, 'for people who love to eat.' His choices for the best barbecue in America include:
  • Kreuz Market, Lockhart, TX
  • Allen & Son Barbecue, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Charlie Vergo's Rendevous, Memphis, TN (as above)
  • Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue, Kansas City, MI - also a top pick of Chef Anthony Bourdain
For more information, visit Gayot and Epicurious. Photo Credit:
Best BBQ Chicken with Simple Barbecue Sauce

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