Huttopia: The Art of Camping in France

There’s always something better about doing anything in France. So it’s no wonder the French have come up with a unique and sure to be enjoyable camping experience through Huttopia.

Huttopia is best described as a form of glamour camping that offers everything from swimming pools to pizzas. All five Huttopia locations in France (Font-Romeu, Rambouillet, Rillé, Senonches, and Versailles) offer authentic cabins and tenting sites in natural settings with the addition of amenities like sports activities, nature reserve hiking, open air movie showings, barbecues, treasure hunts, organized activities for children, and welcome drinks.

Camping with Huttopia is definitely an eco-friendly green experience; the cabins are made of wood, many swimming areas are natural pools, and Huttopia endorses the practice of ‘what you bring into your campsite, you bring out.’ The Huttopia experience is meant to bring campers closer to nature and to let them leave with a greater understanding of this wonderful world that we live in.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit Huttopia. Photo Credit:
Eco-pool at Huttopia Rambouillet
by Catherine Mack

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