Discover: Mysterious Turkey

Turkey seems to be one of those countries that we all know where it is but we don't know anything about it. If you've always wanted to explore mysterious Turkey, Friendly Planet Travel is offering a 14-day tour at a very friendly price.

Rich in world history, you'll discover the many sides of Turkey like the amazing landscape including
stunning Mediterranean beaches found along the Turkish Riviera, seaside towns, big cities, and those famous shopping bazaars.

The Best of Turkey tour starts in Instanbul where you'll visit the imposing Hagia Sofia, the Grand Bazaar (which opened in 1461), plus there's an optional tour to Topkapi Palace. From Instanbul, you'll go on to visit the wonders in Ankara, the underground city at Derinkuyu, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Cappadocia. You'll even have the opportunity to see whirling dervishes perform an almost hypnotic dance.

The most amazing thing about the Best of Turkey tour is the low, low price from only USD $1,699 if you book by September 22, 2010. The cost includes return airfare (including fuel charges), hotels, many meals, transfers, plus the transportation and touring itself.

For more information, visit Friendly Planet Travel. Photo Credit: Whirling Dervishes
by Shioshvili

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