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Roatan seems to be another one of those destinations that everyone has heard of but no one seems to know exactly where it is. As the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan is located off the northern Honduran coast.

Known for it's stunning natural beauty and world famous scuba diving, Roatan is situated near the second largest barrier reef in the world - the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Visitors to this long narrow island will enjoy the uncrowded pristine white sand beaches and amazing turquoise waters filled with an abundance of brightly colored tropical fish.

West Bay Beach is known for its beauty as well as its great snorkeling just offshore while West End is known for its fantastic scuba diving. Here in the touristy West End, visitors will find an assortment of t-shirt shops, delicious seafood restaurants, as well as beach side bars.

Coxen Hole, the largest town on Roatan (population 5,100), is home to the cruise ship dock which is best to avoid when any cruise ships are around. Prices tend to become inflated plus the area becomes too crowded with visitors and those trying to hock their wares. It's also best to avoid Coxen Hole at night due to tourist crimes although the police force has increased along popular tourist streets.

French Harbor is home to Roatan's newest shopping center which features shops, businesses, and restaurants including Wendy's and Applebees. Punta Gorda is home to the native Garafuna people where visitors can experience their unique language and culture.

Roatan is also known for its abundance of flora and fauna (including a butterfly garden), adventure tourism (zip lines, scuba, kayaking, and endless watersports), and overall laid back Caribbean lifestyle. The best time of year to visit Roatan is during their non-rainy season - March to May, and August to September.

Visitors can fly on major flights (Delta, United, Taca, Continental) into Tegucialpa, San Pedro Sula, or La Ceiba, and then take a smaller connecting aircraft onto Roatan with carriers like Islena or Sosa. Photo Credit: Roatan by Perry McKenna

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