Latest Travel Trend - Engagementcation

There's a number of new travel trends that appeared in the last few years: the nearcation, staycation, and even a nakation. And now there's another addition to add to the latest travel trend buzz words, an engagementcation.

According to our friends over at American Express, an engagementcation is a 'trip dedictated to marriage proposals'. While these trips may not be elaborate, the would-be-groom tries to make the moment memorable; many times the choice is a location nearby with some special amenity touches thrown in.

Many resorts and hotels will be announcing engagementcation packages for 2011 such as the Montage Laguna Beach, CA. It's a sure bet that Las Vegas will have unlimited engagementcation packages available to suit every budget and taste, probably before Valentine's Day.

According to American Express, the top ten destinations in the U.S. to pop the question are:
1. Vail, CO
2. NYC, NY
3. Miami, FL
4. Salt Lake City, UT
5. Los Angeles, CA
6. Kahului, Maui
7. Orlando,FL
8. Fort Lauderdale, FL
9. West Palm Beach, FL
10. Aspen, CO

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