Savvy Travelers Top Destinations for 2011

As a traveler, it's always hard to figure out when and where are the best times to travel to get the most for your dollar. For vacations in 2011, our friends over at CheapTickets have done the work for us by compiling information on travel trends and projecting the best vacation values.

Without further adieu, here are the Best Deals for Top Destinations in 2011 according to CheapTickets Value Travel Forecast.
  1. Based on an average 3-night hotel stay, January is the least expensive offering the lowest hotel rates
  2. 17 of the top 70 destinations offered their lowest hotel prices in January
  3. it's projected that Fort Lauderdale will offer the best off-season rates for a 3-star hotel
  4. San Francisco has a projected 40% savings for 3-star hotel rates in March
  5. Miami offers projected savings of 48% for 3-star hotels in September
CheapTicket's Top Picks by month include:
  • January - San Diego, CA
  • February - Florence, Italy
  • March - San Francisco, CA
  • April - Honolulu, HI
  • May - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • June - Portland, OR
  • July - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • August - Scottsdale, AZ
  • September - Miami Beach, FL
  • October - Denver, CO
  • November - Toronto, ON
  • December - Barcelona, Spain
View the complete Value Travel Forecast here. Photo Credits:
Florence and Ponte Vecchio by
Waikiki Beach

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