World's Most Dangerous Trip: Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan

Babel Travel of Switzerland is known for 'speaking the language of the Adventure Traveller,' while offering some of the most dangerous trips in the world.

One of these is a cultural engagement tour to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan which encompasses humanitarian and educational elements with sightseeing. Starting in Baghdad and ending in Kabul, highlights of the tour includes visits to Karbala, Najaf, the ruins of Babylon, Persepolis, Shiraz, Panjshir Valley, and the Buddha ruins in Bamiyan.

With an intimately sized group ranging from 4 to 12 people, the Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan tour includes 44 nights of accommodation, 44 sets of three meals per day, plus all transportation which includes by camel, donkey, 4WD, private vehicles, and more.

This amazing 45-day tour departs April 14 and September 18, 2011, and is available at a cost of $26,000 per person.

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  1. Iran is not dangerous at all!!! It is quite safe.