Top 5 Nude Beach Destinations in the World

In the name of the nakation, TripAdvisor compiled their list of the Top 5 Clothing Optional Beach Destinations according to their readers and members. Let’s take a look, or maybe not...
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Haulover Beach, Bal Harbour, FL
  • Orient Beach, St. Maarten
  • Black’s Beach, La Jolla, CA
  • Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC
TripAdvisor also took a vote of almost 4,000 members who responded to the question – ‘Would you ever bare all at a nude beach?’ and here are the results:

31% replied ‘Sure, I love to see and be seen!’
30% replied ‘I might check out the scenery, but I wouldn’t strip’
39% replied ‘No, there’s a reason swimsuits were invented’

And the funny thing? I’ve been to 2 of these beaches. Yes, I belong to the 39% group - how about you?!

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