Top Romantic Destinations for Couples

There are so many exquisite choices in this world for romantic destinations but according to our friends over at TripAdvisor, these are the Top 10 Romantic Destinations for Couples:

1. Paris
2. Hawaii

3. Venice
4. New York City
5. San Francisco
6. Las Vegas
7. Rome
8. Aruba
9. Jamaica
10. Bora Bora

Paris offers the charm and allure of being in a foreign country while Bora Bora is just downright gorgeous with amazing turquoise water and contrasting white sand beaches.
Las Vegas is a city where you can play to your heart’s content and stay in any city or country you choose – Egypt, Venice, Rome, or even again, Paris.

No matter what destination you choose from this list, you are guaranteed to have one of the most romantic getaways ever!

Photo Credit:
Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, Tahiti Tourism.

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