Explore the Wonders of the World by Private Jet

For those of us who haven't won the lottery yet, this dream vacation may just be that, a dream....but for the lucky few, enjoy and have a drink for the rest of us!

It all starts with flying in Business Class onboard a Private Jet 757 Boeing jetliner.  And the perks that come with?  Champagne, short flights, and pre-arranged customs and immigration whenever possible.

Where do you want fly?  How about a 16-day journey through Asia and Africa? or maybe a 19-day exploration of exotic Asia alone?  the South Pacific?  South America?  Or maybe the 39-day around the world tour would be more to your liking.

What's included?  In this case, everything.  Accommodation, all meals and drinks, all sightseeing tours, tipping, transfers, and taxes.  Plus you'll even have a tour doctor in case you get the sniffles.  Or something like that.

And the cost?  Well, what the heck does it matter?!  At this level, who cares.  But if you really need to know, the 2012 (yes, you'll have to wait until then) Tour Program with Private Jet starts at $24,450 per person.  Cheers, and don't forget to send my ticket.

For more information, visit The Captain's Choice Tour.

Flickr.com Photo Credit: Halong Bay by Bruno {BRA}

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