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The United Kingdom will be enjoying a day of celebration and a national holiday on Friday 29 April as Prince William and Katherine Middleton get married at Westminster Abbey in London. With a huge worldwide television audience viewers watching on television, and those that are lucky enough to be in London, will be treated to the kind of day that London is famous for. This will be a day when all the pomp and pageantry are on full display at its very best.

Up to 1 million visitors are expected in London on April 29 so you will need to be in your spot as early as possible if you want to get a glimpse of the royal couple. The streets of London are expected to be full of people camping out the night before but there is an official royal wedding campsite on Clapham Common if you don’t want to rough it and London still has plenty of hotel rooms available if you are thinking of a last minute rush to the UK capital.

The wedding itself will take place at the magnificent Westminster Abbey. The history of the abbey is amazing. King Henry III started building the present abbey in 1245 and it has the highest Gothic vault in England at 102ft. There has been a church on this site since 1066 when it was used for coronations and it is also the final resting place for 17 monarchs. Westminster Abbey has hosted 15 previous royal weddings.

If you want to be one of the 2 billion worldwide TV audience then you will need to be sitting in front of your TV by 08.15am UK time (04:15 on the Pacific Coast) as that’s the time the first guests start to arrive. The service starts at 11.00 when Kate Middleton arrives.

Prince William will leave Clarence House at 10.10am on his journey to Westminster Abbey which will also take him past some of the most historical places of interest that London has to offer. Clarence House itself, home to Prince Charles and Camilla, was built in 1825 and during World War 2 was the headquarters of The Red Cross.

Prince William will then travel along Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and past the Houses of Parliament before reaching his destination about 30 minutes later. Places to get a view of Prince William will be hard to find but if you are feeling flush you can hire Sanctuary House next to the Abbey for £100,000 where you can have use of its 4 balconies for a birds eye view!

The attention to detail for the event is mind boggling. For example, it takes up to 50 hours to polish each pair of boots worn by the mounted soldiers that will be escorting the royal couple through London. This is because the boots are waxed with beeswax and a blowtorch is used to force the wax in to harden them. After that layers of polish, spit and water are applied to create a "mirror" shine. The Household Cavalry have been escorting royal wedding couples for 350 years so they have a reputation to keep up!

The 10 choirboys singing at the ceremony have also been practicing hard but not just at their singing. They have also been practicing standing completely still for 10 minutes without moving. It’s a tough ask because the boys have to wear heavy and hot tunics that were introduced in the reign of Charles II.

Wherever you watch the royal wedding you are in for a spectacular view of all the ceremony that London does so very well and that you won’t see on just a normal trip to London. Enjoy!

This article has been written by David Brice who is the editor of the Global Holidays travel blog where you can find useful travel information. You can visit the blog at Photo Credit:
William and Kate shun traditional wedding list for charity donations by Humberpike

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