Super Natural BC: Hiking the North Coast Trail

Visiting stunning Vancouver Island can be one of the highlights experienced during a trip to British Columbia, Canada.  Hiking the 43.1 km North Coast Trail over a one week period can be another fantastic west coast experience in itself.

Located in Cape Scott Provincial Park, the North Coast Trail follows the northernmost point of Vancouver Island.  The ecosystem offers up a selection of majestic old-growth forest, cobble beaches, bogs, tidal pools brimming with sealife and sea stacked rocks.  Photography and wildlife viewing opportunities include black bears, bald eagles, wolves, cougars and those adorable sea otters.  

Recommended for seasoned hikers only, the North Coast Trail offers the quintessential one on one experience with nature.  For more information, visit the BC Provincial Park website. Photo Credit:
North Coast Trail Day 6 by Brenda.Lally

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