Your Birth Certificate = 15% off Hawaii Hotels!

Recently President Obama was forced to produced his birth certificate in order to calm conspiracy theorists, but producing your birth certificate will get you 15% off at Aqua Hotel & Resort locations throughout Hawaii.

With 15 hotels to choose from on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai, Aqua Hotel & Resorts is the original boutique hotel chain on Hawaii.  They're offering a special Birth Certificate Discount of 15% now until August 4, 2011.  And if you don't have a birth certificate (heaven forbid!) and your pet does, you'll still be given the discount, paws down - with rates starting at just $66 per night, you're sure to be your family's top dog.  Ok, then.

If you'll be traveling after August 4 but by December 22, 2011, you can take advantage of the Aqua 10th Birthday Special offering an amazing $10 rate for the first night when you book a stay of three nights or more.

For more information, visit Aqua Hotel & Resorts.  

Image of Aqua Waikiki Pearl courtesy of Aqua Hotel & Resorts

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