How Green is Your Airline?

Brighter Planet is an organization based in Shelburne, VT, whose goal is to help their clients meet their sustainability goals.  Using more than ten years of airline data, they recently compiled a report ranking specific airline efficiency.  

Here are the facts: there are 28,600 aircraft and shuttles worldwide that carry 4.5 billion passengers annually between 3,700 airports.  These aircraft consume 75 billion gallons of jet fuel annually which adds 3 trillion pounds of C02 emissions into the atmosphere.  Wow.  So, just how green is your airline?  Let's take a look.

Airline Efficiency Rankings:

  1. Ryanair
  2. Cathay Pacific
  3. easyJet
  4. Continental Airlines
  5. United Airlines
  6. JetBlue Airways
  7. KLM Royal Dutch
  8. American Airlines
  9. Delta Air Lines
  10. Alaska Airlines
  11. US Airways
  12. British Airways
  13. Northwest Airlines
  14. AirTran Airways
  15. Air France
  16. Lufthansa
  17. Southwest Airlines
  18. ExpressJet Airlines
  19. SkyWest Airlines
  20. American Eagle
Brighter Planet research is based on the type of aircraft model, seating density, load factor, freight share, distance flown and passenger volumes.  

To view the complete Brighter Planet report on Air Travel Carbon and Energy Efficiency, visit Brighter Planet.

Image: Continental Airlines reflecting the new merger with United Airlines

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