Travel Writer Recommends: Cabeau Evolution Pillow

For years now, I've been looking for the perfect travel pillow.  I've only been able to find flimsy blow up pillows or tiny soft u-shaped pillows that don't hold any shape - these are uncomfortable, do nothing for your neck, and I end up throwing them out time after time because they just don't work.

But my ah-hah moment came when I learned to travel smartly with the Evolution Pillow from Cabeau.  Travel Writer absolutely loves it!  The ergonomic design stabilizes your neck and head so much so that it's recommended by physicians!

Let's take a closer look at the Evolution Travel Pillow:

  • made of memory foam, it's oh-so comfortably soft!
  • the velour cover is removable for washing so that's an added bonus
  • features a lateral stabilizing support along with a rear headrest for comfort making sleeping during your trip much easier!
  • a drawstring with toggle for adjustability 
  • compresses and fits into it's own waterproof compact carrying bag
  • has a media pouch for your iPod or other music device
  • comes with a set of free memory foam ear plugs 
  • is available in 3 colours: discerning black, grey or vibrant ocean blue
  • great price point and worth every penny!

Like the slogan says, "Finally, a travel pillow that works!"  Get your Evolution Pillow today for only $34.99 at Cabeau where you'll also find a great selection of other 'innovative' travel accessories!

Image Courtesy of Cabeau, The Evolution of Travel

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