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I hate that dreaded feeling when you're boarding a flight not knowing who your seat mate might you smile as you go down the aisle trying to identify your  row way before you get there to size up the person you're going to be stuck with for the next five and a half hours.

Well, now there's an app for that.  Well, not quite, but almost the same...KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has teamed up with Malaysia Airlines to offer seat mate selection.  Yes, now you, too, can select your seat mate ahead of time by screening them on Facebook or LinkedIn.   

The 'meet and seat' service is set to start in early 2012 but I'm totally on the fence on this one.  What if the person is a stalker?  What is the person is just damn creepy?  Or on the other hand, what if this person is the love of your life?

And the big question, will there be a fee for this new service?  I'm sure there will be.  And the other big question, is this legal?  What about privacy laws - wouldn't they be disclosing their own confidential passenger list?

Maybe it's just me but I'm thinking it might not be...what do you think?  I'd love to hear your comments on this one ;) Photo Credit:
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