5 Reasons to Choose A River Cruise

Cruising has always been a popular vacation choice but have you ever considered a river cruise over an ocean cruise? In the past few years, river cruising has been increasing at ten times the rate over ocean cruising so let’s take a look at 5 Reasons to Choose a River Cruise.
  1. With a smaller number of passengers onboard a river ship (usually under 200), this allows for a more intimate, casual, relaxing cruise without line-ups and crowds; it’s easier to mingle, partake in activities, and meet new friends
  2. A river ship docks in the middle of a town which is perfect for sightseeing;  this also allows passengers to get on and off the ship at their leisure, a very convenient feature when shopping and gathering souvenirs
  3. This central docking does not require taking a tender to go ashore, nor does it require additional time or money for transportation in order to get to the local town area
  4. All cabins on a river cruise ship are outside cabins providing beautiful river views; a river cruise allows passengers to visit destinations not normally visited by traditional larger cruise ships
  5. For those passengers prone to sea sickness on an ocean cruise, the shallow and calm waters of a river mean there’s no chance of getting the much dreaded illness

Viking River Cruises, “the world’s leading river cruise line,” offers sailings within Europe, Russia, and China; African Travel offers luxurious Nile cruises; Avalon Waterways provides river cruises in Europe, Egypt, China, and the Galapagos Islands; The Barge Company features amongst others a river cruise along the Seine visiting Normandy, Paris, and Northern Burgundy.

And, of course, don't forget the US and Canada - there's the Great American Steamboat Company offering Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee River sailings; American Cruise Lines offers Lewis & Clark themed cruises along the Columbia and Snake Rivers; Alaska river cruising and St. Lawrence River cruising with St. Lawrence Cruise Lines.

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