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Belgium is one of those countries visitors can't get enough of.  Maybe it's because Belgium offers a multi-cultural experience or maybe it's those famous Belgian waffles, either way, Belgium has much to offer so let's take a look!

Only the size of Maryland, the Kingdom of Belgium (it's official name) is comfortably tucked between Holland and France.  Although it's small in size, Belgium is big on European culture - visitors can experience influences from Spain, France, Holland and Austria through Belgium's architecture and wealth of museums.

While the capital city of Brussels is located nearly in the middle of Belgium, the country is divided into three distinct areas offering unique landscape and attractions.  Low Belgium in the north offers beautiful sandy beaches and rolling hills while Middle Belgium tends to have more valleys that turn into the low mountain ranges found in Southern Belgium.

To say Belgium is a cosmopolitan country is an understatement, with three official languages - Dutch, German & French (or four if you count English!) - Belgium is also on the cutting edge of Europe's nouveau cuisine trend.  Throughout the country you'll find restaurants open 24/7 offering all types of amazing cuisine; must-try foods in Belgium include Belgium fries, gourmet sausage, mussels, deep-fried specialty eateries known as friteries, liver pate, and of course, delicious Belgian chocolate and local beers. 

If you're never had the chance to visit beautiful Brussels, plan your trip around the amazing Flower Carpet on view from August 16-19, 2012, at the Grand Palace. This stunning display only takes place every 2 years and encompasses blooms from various flowers to create a well-planned pattern that's assembled in only one day, just imagine!

Some of the top year round attractions in Brussels include the unique architecture of Bozar and Atomium (including Mini-Europe), Magritte Museum and BELvue Museum, and family fun at Oceade water park.

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