Best Free iPad Travel Apps

Travel can sometimes be stressful.  If there's any way to reduce the stress and cut corners by planning ahead or by simply making it easier to make a decision, I'm all for it.  And besides, there's an app for that ;)

Compiled from sources around the web, here are some of the best free iPad travel apps available: Registered & Protected


  1. Great list! TripAdvisor has long been one of my favorites, as has Kayak Mobile and of course, the app. Those are my top three for booking and tracking my flights and finding accommodations…basically the apps for before I leave and once I get to where I’m going. Once I’m at my destination I’ll usually use GoogleMaps for navigation, and either OpenTable or UrbanSpoon for finding good places to eat. For killing time between flights or chilling out in the hotels at the end of a long day I use an app I got through my employer, DISH. They put out a remote access app that lets me pull live or recorded programs off my home receiver to watch on my phone or tablet. It’s nice to be able to sit back at the end of a long day and catch up with my favorite show.

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