The Bounty of St. Thomas

Sometimes thoughts of the Caribbean conjure up visions of majestic swaying palms, beautiful snow-white sands, azure turquoise waters and pirates.  Or maybe just thoughts of Johnny Depp.

When you’re looking to explore your inner pirate, consider visiting St. Thomas in the U.S Virgin Islands.  Only 2.5 hours from Miami, St. Thomas is easily accessible for a fantastic weekend of duty-free shopping or a full-out Caribbean resort experience – either way for U.S. citizens, there’s no passport required

Rich in history, St. Thomas’s pirating roots date back to the 1600’s with the arrival of Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, and the somewhat fictional Bluebeard.  Both are said to have laid claim to St. Thomas by establishing structures that are still in existence today.

Built in a strategic position high above Charlotte Amalie Harbor, Blackbeard’s Castle is a U.S. National Landmark offering a combination of accommodations, historical sites, and tourist amenities.  Set amongst beautiful tropical gardens, visitors can enjoy taking photographs alongside the biggest collection of life-size pirate statues in the world. 

The self-guided walking tour at Blackbeard’s Castle allows visitors to explore the grounds at leisure where they’ll discover the Amber Waterfall, shops and refreshments, Caribbean World Amber Museum, the ruins of Pedersen Estate and the impressive Haagensen House, the former estate slave quarters.   Blackbeard’s Castle admission tickets are available for $14 per adult and $5 per child. 

While considered to be just a fictional character, Bluebeard’s Castle is a wonderful example of a 17th century Danish fortress that’s recently undergone a major multi-million dollar renovation.  Also offering amazing views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor below, Bluebeard’s Castle is now a sprawling resort complete with guest villas, a swimming pool, tennis courts and more while showcasing the centuries old watchtower, fortress walls and cannons.

Read more at Roam With the Real Pirates of the Caribbean or find additional information on St. Thomas at Visit USVI. Photo Credits: 
Blackbeard's Castle by Moresheth 
St. Thomas Coral World by Loimere Registered & Protected

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