Cayman Island Wedding Bells & Seashells

I just love this slogan for Cayman Islands Tourism, don't you?  Wedding Bells & Seashells, how awesome and yet, how true!

If you've never been before (and even if you have!), the Cayman Islands are a beautiful way to introduce yourself to the quintessential Caribbean experience - swaying palms, powdery white sand beaches, azure waters and of course, tropical drinks with those cute brightly colored umbrellas.

Consisting of three islands - Grand Cayman, Little Cayman & Cayman Brac - the Cayman Islands are a safe and friendly tropical destination where you can experience a combination of new foods, culture, arts, music and seemingly endless water sports.  You can easily choose a new activity every day, or simply slow down and enjoy local island time.  

Whether you envision an intimate barefoot beach wedding or an extravagant affair with friends and family, the Cayman Islands can easily provide all that and more.  There's even a cool online tool to help Find Your Wedding Style, read Real Wedding Stories, and an amazing inspiring Photo Gallery with pics of floral arrangements, bridal parties and more!

Cayman Islands Fast Facts:
  • Size: 102 square miles
  • Population: 55,000 for the three islands combined
  • Capital City: George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar (USD $1 = approximately 0.87 KYD)
  • Average Temperatures: 77-85° F
  • only 1 hour flight away from Miami, 3 hours away from New York
  • Valid passports are required
  • Same day marriages are possible; a non-resident marriage license is $250

For more information, visit Cayman Islands Tourism.

Image: Cayman Islands Tourism Registered & Protected

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