Faster to the Fun with Carnival Cruise Lines

While everyone knows about those dreaded airline fees for extras (!) like pillows, blankets and even meals, now it seems the cruise lines are getting on board with value-added fee structures.

Carnival Cruise Lines announced last week that they're rolling out a new Faster to the Fun Package allowing passengers to get their own 'personal express lane' to fun.  For a $49.95 fee, all occupants of the cabin will receive the following benefits:
  • priority check-in, tender, and debarkation
  • guaranteed stateroom availability upon arrival
  • express luggage delivery
  • dedicated access to Guest Services
  • priority dining room reservations

Well, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't utilize this latest offering.  But maybe I'm one of the lucky ones who's never experienced late luggage delivery (okay, well maybe once) nor has my stateroom not been ready.  

I'd rather keep my $50 and lose it at the casino (just kidding) or spend it during a shore excursion on something that I love.  While I love cruising (and really, I do) I think these 'priority' standards should be the standards for all passengers (something that Carnival Cruise Lines should strive for) and not something extra so passengers are divided into 'specially' treated guests and regulars, like me.

And if you're a VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club Platinum or Diamond member already, don't worry, the Faster to the Fun Package benefits are already included in your VIFP Club status.

For more information, visit Carnival Cruise Lines. Registered & Protected

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