Traveling Abroad with Travelex – Part 2

There are so many things to tell you about Travelex, I had to write a second post – be sure to check out last week’s write up on why you should use a Prepaid Card with Travelex!

If you’re traveling abroad, at some point you’ll need to obtain foreign currency.  Travelex makes it easy by allowing you to conveniently order your currency online and then pick it up at any one of their over 1,100 Travelex stores worldwide.  How simple is that?!

And as an added bonus, when you buy your foreign currency online with Travelex, you won’t have to pay a service or commission fee and you’ll also receive the best currency exchange rate offered by the Travelex Best Rate Guarantee.  You also browse current foreign Currency Exchange Rates and use their handy Currency Convertor. 

If you end up not spending all of your foreign currency (like that would ever happen on a trip, haha), the Buy Back Plus return program with Travelex allows you sell back your unused currency within 31 days at your original foreign currency rate.  Awesome!

Before you go, never underestimate the need for travel insurance!  There are so many scenarios my travel agent clients have faced over the years, and, unfortunately, so many of them chose not to buy travel insurance! 

It’s just sad as travel insurance can help cover unexpected & expensive overseas medical costs, trip cancellation or interruptions.  For readers in the US, travel insurance with Travelex comes with the added bonus of covering issues arising through terrorist activities in the US (sorry! but it’s coverage that some insurance plans do not offer).

Travelex also makes it easy to send money around the world by using Travelex Money Transfer™ in the Middle East or Mr. Pay™ in the Netherlands.  For more than 35 years, Travelex has been a trusted name in foreign currency exchange and more while offering over 1,100 Travelex stores and 900 ATMs located in 50 countries worldwide. 

For more information, visit Travelex or check out the links below for additional countries:
Travelex in Bahrain
Travelex in Belgium
Travelex in Germany
Travelex in Italy
Travelex in Switzerland Photo Credits:
Bad Arolsen (Germany) by Bert Kauffmann
Faraglioni, Capri, Italy by sneaker dog Registered & Protected

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