Traveling Abroad with Travelex

If you’re like me, you can spend an almost endless number of days planning for your international trip.  There are hotel choices to make, care hires to arrange, and then there’s the dreaded foreign currency scenario, argh!
Luckily, Travelex offers a one-stop shopping experience for all things travel including insurance, foreign exchange services, and even prepaid cards loaded with local currency in the denomination of your choice.
But why use a Travelex prepaid card when you travel?  Because you can budget.  For example, if you’ve got $2,000 to spend on your trip to Canada, you won’t be able to spend anymore than your prepaid card holds. 

Plus a prepaid card with Travelex has the added security of not being attached to your bank account – if your card is lost or stolen, simply call the 24-hour help line and they’ll replace your card for free ;)

And if you’ve ever donated foreign coins to charity when flying, chances are you’ve already used Travelex services as they provide a foreign currency exchange link between the charities and leading airlines.

Travelex also makes it easy to send money around the world by using Travelex Money Transfer™ in the Middle East or Mr. Pay™ in the Netherlands.  A trusted name in foreign currency service and more for the last 35 years, there are conveniently more than 1,100 Travelex stores and 900 ATMs located in 50 countries worldwide. 

Be sure to check out next week’s post on Traveling Abroad with Travelex – Part 2, covering the importance of travel insurance and the added bonuses of buying your foreign currency online with Travelex!

For more information, visit Travelex or check out the links below for additional countries:
Travelex in Belgium
Travelex in Germany
Travelex in Italy
Travelex in Switzerland Photo Credits:
Mechelen, Belgium by clayirving
A View Over Folkestone in Kent UK by antaean Registered & Protected

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