Connie Motz, Travel Writer - Check Out My New Business Card!

I just love my new Freelance Writer - Travel Writer VistaPrint business cards!  And my actual card does have my address & phone number included, just in case you're wondering ;)

And I love the freedom, creativity (although I have none), convenience and great value that VistaPrint offers.  I think they're a fantastic company to deal with and their customer service is second to none!  They don't argue with you, they don't make you feel like you're the bad guy, they just fix it :) Wow!

I've ordered tons of return address labels (business & personal) and even created a personalized Breast Cancer Awareness sticker that I use on the envelope back whenever I'm sending mail.  

Just think of the possibilities hard copy promotional material could mean to your business - it's your chance to tell the world what you've been up to and where you're headed.  Check out these special offers today!  

Free SamplesFree Return Address Labels

Get FREE business cards for your business or personal use! Registered & Protected

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