Yorkshire - When Are You Coming?

David Brice
Global Holidays
Leeds, U.K.

Many visitors to the United Kingdom don’t even make it as far north as the largest county in England but they are missing a treat!  

Yorkshire is a proud part of England and many people still think it should be independent. There is no doubting the warmth, friendliness and down to earth attitude of “Yorkshire folk”. Some may talk with a strange accent, and some say they are tight with their money but most people, once they move to Yorkshire, never want to move back from where they came.

With three National Parks, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Pennines and a stunning coastline as well as modern cosmopolitan cities, Yorkshire is a part of the United Kingdom that will move and inspire you. Most visitors might visit the city of York. This cultural city has many things to see including Clifford's Tower which stands as a proud symbol of the power of England's medieval kings. Originally built by William the Conqueror, it was rebuilt by Henry III in the 13th century. The tower takes its name from one grisly incident in its long history, when Roger de Clifford was executed for treason against Edward II and hanged in chains from the tower walls. Another “must see” attraction is York Minster which is one of the world's most magnificent cathedrals.

Yorkshire’s two major cities are Leeds and Sheffield which both have rich histories and now are thriving cosmopolitan cities with top class restaurants, museums and a café culture.

Yorkshire is probably best known for the outdoors. Here you will find The Yorkshire Dales, full of quaint villages and where you will find the largest caving area in the UK with 2,000 caves. You can visit the North York Moors National Park where you will find pretty stone villages, stunning moorland, spectacular coast, ancient woodland and historic sites. Head west and you will find the industrial Pennine towns such as Hebden Bridge and Haworth as well as bleak moorland dotted with many hill farms.

But what about the people and those stories often associated with Yorkshire such as brass bands, flat caps, whippet racing, beef dripping, pie and peas as well as the world famous Yorkshire puddings? Many people from other parts of the country often poke fun at Yorkshire people for their liking of those things mentioned above but their pride of their county enables them to laugh it off. 
When angered though, Yorkshire people have been known to go to war!  Back in 1455 Yorkshire and its neighbouring county Lancashire were involved in The War of The Roses. This war lasted until 1485 which is perhaps why Yorkshire people are famous for being stubborn!

These days though the people are far more friendly and they are more likely to offer you a cup of tea and a piece cake. Yorkshire people have a strong sense of identity and they count themselves lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles.

Our guest blogger, David Brice, is the owner of the online travel agent Global Holidays and lecturer in Travel and Tourism at Leeds City College in the U.K.

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