Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Frequent Flyer

I always think it pays to really be thoughtful at Christmas time - taking the time to get a gift for a loved one that they will really appreciate and use is key.  If you've got a frequent flyer in your life, here are some gift & stocking stuffer ideas you may want to consider that won't break the budget ;)

Ergonomic Luggage Scale

Generally priced under USD $25, an ergonomic luggage scale could save your frequent traveler from expensive overweight baggage fees ranging anywhere from just $25 with Spirit Airlines to $100 with both United Airlines and American Airlines.

Lifeventure Money Belt Slide

I love this!  This Lifeventure Money Belt Slide in black features a metallic closure and a hidden zipper where you can stash your cash or other small items and no one will even know they're there!  The same price as a regular belt, the Lifeventure Money Belt Slide is a bargain at only $16.

Tenacious Tape

Here's another great product you can tuck into your suitcase.  Tenacious Tape is a clear multipurpose tape that's fully removable afterward - use it to repair your luggage, tape up a hem, patch your rain gear or whatever else you can think of ;)

Design Go Ear Plugs

Made of comfortable memory foam, Design Go Ear Plugs which you can get from are reusable and come in their own adorable little case.  Only $5.62 per set of 3, pick up one for your frequent flyer and one for yourself.

Design Go Flight Support Socks

A pair of graduated support stockings will help to improve blood circulation inflight thereby reducing the risk of a possible painful (and sometimes deadly!) deep vein thrombosis (DVT) for only $23.

Other holiday gift ideas for your frequent flyer include a travel pillow, sleeping mask (for inflight and in hotel), universal travel adapter, travel size TSA approved containers, or a sewing/mending kit.  

For information on how to make traveling even easier during this holiday season, visit Unwrapping Christmas Travel 101. Registered & Protected

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