Best Film Festivals in the World

Do you love movies and traveling like me?  Well, this might just be the best vacation idea yet!  Make your plans, pack your bags, and head out to see the Best Film Festivals in the World in 2013!  

Okay, well maybe not all of them, but then again, why not?!!  These film buff destinations would make a great addition to any bucket list ;)

Without further adieu, here are the Best Film Festivals in the World!

And if you missed these events this year, you'll have to wait until 2014 for: Photo Credits:
East End London 2010 by IevaFalls
Guadalajara by Arturo Avila
Cannes 2012 by Mathieu Lebreton
New York Sunrise by Jeffery Turner
Toronto Skyline CN Tower by SanGatiche
Venice, Italy by kevgibbo Registered & Protected

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