Let's Go Honduras!

Lets Go Honduras
Even though the demise of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, didn't signify the end of the world after all, the Mayan culture still holds an alluring appeal to many travelers looking for a unique experience.

Enter Honduras.  Home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve and Copan), Honduras offers visitors the chance to explore ancient ruins, enjoy wildlife viewing, seemingly endless outdoor activities and the genuine hospitality of the Honduran people.

As the single biggest Mayan site in the country, Copan showcases an array of temples, pyramids, and stone monuments throughout it's 75-acre ceremonial center.  As if that isn't enough, Copan is also home to a Museum of Sculpture and visitor accessible tunnels at the Copan Archaeological Site from which Mayan pottery has been excavated.

Lets Go Honduras
Only 2 hours from San Pedro Sula, visitors to Copan will find themselves nearby the quaint town of Copan Ruinas, Macaw Mountain Reserve & Nature Park, natural hot springs and coffee plantations.

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