Top 6 Attractions in Cuba: Cuba's Must-See Hot Spots

Cuba is unique to the rest of the Caribbean and is famous among travelers for a variety of reasons. It's not only about the glorious sun-kissed white beaches or the shimmering turquoise-blue waters. Cuba offers people of all ages a little bit of everything, including magnificent panoramic views, breathtaking sunsets, ancient cathedrals, authentic Cuban cuisine, world-famous museums, cascading waterfalls and more.

Are you planning your very first vacation escape to Cuba but have no idea what to see and do there? If you have already booked your trip to Cuba and are now seeking some of the top Cuban attractions to put on your travel 'to-do' list, make sure you check out these top 6 hot spots below.

#1: Museo de la Revolucion  (Museum of the Revolution)

Give yourself and your loved ones the opportunity to learn all about the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro's regime. This famous museum tells the story of the 1959 Cuban Revolution and portrays the horrible acts of what went on during that historical time of events.

#2: Old Havana

See ancient churches and mansions, taste authentic Cuban cuisine, take a walking tour of the whole city or simply stroll the cobblestone streets while you explore one of the most popular and historic sites in the world. Translated to La Habana Vieja, Old Havana has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to a wide variety of luxury resorts, charming Cuban restaurants, famous museums, old churches and more.

#3: Varadero Beach

A trip to Cuba is not complete without a visit to one of the most famous beaches in the world, known as Varadero Beach. Snorkel, sun bathe, wade in the sparkling crystal-blue ocean and mingle with other tourists when you spend some time here. It truly is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and thousands of people flock to this beach every year.

#4: Delfinario in Varadero

This attraction wins the hearts of both kids and adults as you can truly sense the warmth and friendliness of the dolphins that you are swimming with. If you are taking the whole family to Cuba, make sure you stop by this attraction for some solid family time and swim with some of the friendliest mammals on earth.

#5: Vinales Valley

This attraction is perfect for cigar aficionados as it is home to Cuba's cigar making industry. When you spend the day here you will obtain great insight into one of the most famous Cuban exports. This areas has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage site because of its remaining tobacco plantations and glorious surrounding terrain.

#6: Trinidad

If you truly want to educate yourself and learn more about the history of Cuba, Trinidad is the perfect place to stop by. Visitors can tour through numerous museums such as Museo de Arquitectura Trinitaria, spend time in the central square at Plaza Mayor or laze upon the beach at the Ancon Peninsula.
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