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Tropical Islands Resort offers a quintessential Caribbean-style experience: beautiful white sand beaches, majestic palm trees, gentle waters lapping at your feet.  But there's just one catch - Tropical Islands Resort isn't in the tropics at all.

Located in Krausnick, Germany, just 38 miles (60 kilometers) south of Berlin, Tropical Islands Resort is actually a theme park within the world's largest free-standing hall/former military hangar!  

Courtesy: Tropical Islands Resort
So much more than a family fun day trip, Tropical Islands Resort offers overnight accommodations ranging from camping experiences to private vacation homes, full sauna & spa complex, entertainment, and a selection of no less than twelve restaurants/cafes/bistros and bars - perfect for pretending you're actually in the tropics!

Courtesy: Tropical Islands Resort
Day tickets to enjoy Tropical Islands Resort are available for USD $41 (€32) per adult and $32 (€24.50) per child.

For more information or to make your reservation, visit Tropical Islands Resort. Registered & Protected

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