Best FREE iPad Travel Apps!!

Do you get stressed when you travel? Find it hard to plan or make a travel decision? Need help with translation or even packing your bags? Well, there's an app for that!

Let's check out the Best FREE iPad Travel Apps (most are available for other devices as well!!):
  • Flying - keep track of your flights with every airline (iTunes)
  • having trouble with directions or dining in other languages? Download the iStone Travel Translation App
  • Packing Pro - offers packing suggestions by destination, type of trip you're taking, and for families, you can set up individual lists for everyone to follow!
  • SeatGuru by TripAdvisor lets you find your flight and then choose the best available seats according to location, seat pitch, proximity to the lavatory & more!
  • Don't want to send a card by snail-mail so it arrives after you get home? Send a Postagram Postcard instead!
  • Or, take 360° or 3D photos with Photosynth
  • In love with a specific airline? Check out: Fly Delta for iPad, United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Air Canada  
  • And don't get lost at the airport with Airports by TravelNerd - this app provides current terminal maps, store hours & restaurant locations within the airport 
  • XE Currency - don't leave home without this app!!
  • Keep all your itinerary in one place including flights, hotels, and car rentals with TripIt Travel Organizer
  • while based out of the UK, Kuoni UK Brochures is a great resource for travel planning & destination info including videos
  • Trying to skip out on exercising while you're traveling? GymPact will track your work outs while you EARN CASH for meeting your goals - seriously?!! Wow. Registered & Protected

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