FREE Things to Ask for the Next Time You Fly!

We all know how the airlines nickel & dime us to death with fees for every item imaginable - in fact, a recent report from IdeaWorksCompany says 116 airlines from around the world earned $27.1 billion in fees for 2013 so far - but did you know there are certain things you can ask for during a flight that the airlines will be more than happy to just give you? Really?!!

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FREE Things to Ask for the Next Time You Fly!!

  • Refills of Water for your Empty Bottle - as you can't board an aircraft with actual water in your bottle, this is a great way to remain hydrated during your flight
  • Wipes for Sanitizing Your Space - I'm a flyer who sits down cautiously and then wonders where my tray table has been ;) Flight attendants will gladly give you a few sanitizing wipes so you can wipe those nasties of the seat rests, tray tables, light switches above your head, and window covers
  • Change Your Seat - if you've got a legitimate reason for wanting to change your seat during a flight and the aircraft has space to accommodate you, request the change once you're onboard but before take-off
  • Have a Headache or Heartburn During the Flight? - ask the flight attendant for a pain-reliever, antacid or for a small bandage should you need one
  • Airline Wing Pins for Children - it used to be that you could ask for wing pins from the pilots but now it's flight attendants who have these little goodies for kids, they make great souvenirs for any trip!
  • Cockpit Tours - Really?!! Even with today's tight security, many pilots are still willing to give passengers, especially children, a quick look into the cockpit but only ask for such once your plane has landed it's destination
  • Medical Help - if you think you'll need medical attention, flight attendants may already know if there's a doctor onboard and if not, they'll make an announcement seeking medical assistance
  • Extra Snacks & Full Cans of Beverages - oh yes you can! If you want the whole can of soda, just ask for it. If there's extra snacks left over, flight attendants will be more than happy to give them out especially during overnight flights when many passengers are sleeping and don't utilize snacking/food options
  • Bathroom Breaks While Traveling with Small Children/Babies - if they're not completely busy, flight attendants are happy to watch over your kids for a few minutes while you make a break for the bathroom Registered & Protected

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