Best Ways to Avoid Extra Airline Fees

We all know how flying can sometimes suck. And then it becomes even worse when you have to start paying for things like pillows and your first piece of baggage.

Check out these great tips on the 
Best Ways to Avoid Extra Airline Fees!

  • How to Avoid Extra Baggage Fees
    • choose to book your flights with a baggage friendly airline such as Southwest (2 free bags!!) or JetBlue (first checked bag is always free)
    • make sure your carry-on fits the size allowance for your chosen airline - Spirit Airlines charges $100 at the gate if your carry on doesn't fit their specifications!
  • How to Avoid Overweight Baggage Fees 
    • purchase an inexpensive but accurate Digital Luggage Scale for less than $20 - it will more than pay for itself with just one trip and no additional baggage fees!
  • How to Avoid Ticket Fees
    • did you know that airlines charge you from $15-45 per ticket if you call them directly to book? You'll also pay a free if your ticket is issued by a travel agent. The best way to avoid ticket fees is to book your flights online with the airline of your choice
    • don't change your ticket! think twice before changing your dates as the airlines will ding you $50 & up per ticket :(
  • How to Avoid Airline Entertainment Fees
    • simply put, bring your own entertainment! Load up your iPhone with songs, buy a couple of magazines or that book you've always been meaning to read! Enjoy the down time and just relax ;)
  • How to Avoid Paying Airline Food Fees
    • we all know that airline food is crap, so why would you want to pay for it anyway?!! Plan ahead, pack yourself a great lunch with some snacks - I love treating myself to a cinnamon bun and the looks fellow passengers give me as the 'just baked' aroma wafts through the cabin ;)
    • bring an empty water bottle and have the flight attendant fill it up for you! Registered & Protected

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