Discover: Iguazu Falls

The Igauzu Falls are a 2.7km wide, 80m high set of 275 individual waterfalls which cross Brazil and Argentina; the most fearsome of which – the Devil’s Throat – is where 14 waterfalls combine to make the world’s most powerful single waterfall. 

The falls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and can be found in the middle of both Brazil and Argentina’s oldest national parks; parks which are home to around 2,000 plant species and around 400 species of birds, including the elusive Harpy Eagle. Wild tigers, jaguars, monkeys, alligators and crocodiles also inhabit the park, adding further interest to its semi-tropical jungle setting.

To truly experience the falls you must see them from the Brazilian and Argentinian side, as both offer different and contrasting views. The Brazilian side has the best panoramas from its walkways and viewing points, whilst from the Argentinian side you have access to a much more extensive network of trails to see individual falls. Most recommend seeing the falls over two days – one from the Brazilian side and the other from the Argentinian side. 

Iguazu comes from the native “great water”, and the falls are truly great. When Eleanor Roosevelt saw them for the first time, all she could say was “poor Niagra” – a comparison that has been made regularly, with the falls gaining the interesting nickname of “Niagra on Viagra”. Looking at the images, we can certainly see why!

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