Top 10 Budget Destinations

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Are you looking for a great place to travel that won't break the bank? Our friends over at - one of the top suppliers of coupons & travel deals for US vacationers - just released their list of Top 10 Budget Destinations so let's take a look!

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Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Alex Lopez

    Wahclella Falls -

  1. Orlando, FL - why? over 15 theme parks, reasonably priced hotel options and that year round sunny Florida weather
  2. Miami, FL - beaches, history & architecture, and yes, that famous Florida sunshine
  3. New York City, NY - the Big Apple offers world famous sightseeing & attractions, shopping, nightlife, culture, and restaurants galore. Just how do you save money in NY? Stay just outside the city limit where you'll find great deals at great hotels like The Ravel Hotel - visit the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA) on Fridays (4-8 p.m.) for FREE!!
  4. Bangor, ME - besides being home to Stephen King, Bangor is known for it's welcoming people, old world style, beauty and amazing seafood
  5. Fort Lauderdale, FL - Miami's counterpart, Fort Lauderdale has an epic beach with tons of water sports & activities for family members of all ages
  6. San Francisco, CA - rich in history, architecture, arts & culture, San Francisco oozes natural beauty & great sightseeing ops like the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown
  7. Portland, OR - this funky destination has a great art scene, farmer's markets, theater companies, trendy cuisine and that special Pacific Northwest vibe
  8. San Diego, CA - with so many parks, beaches, lakes & museums to choose from, a San Diego vacation can be adapted to suit any budget
  9. Las Vegas, NV - while some only visit to gamble, there are great deals to be had just off of the Strip! You won't be far off the beaten path of tourists but far enough to save $$
  10. Virginia Beach, VA - why? beaches, boardwalk, history, paddle boarding & of course, that famous east coast seafood! Registered & Protected

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