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Oliver Ainsworth
London, UK

Discover the Maldives! With its idyllic pristine beaches, luscious tropical foliage and beautiful blue lagoons, the Maldives is a true paradise. The picturesque landscape alone allows it to be accredited as one of the most breath-taking destinations in the world.

Located in the Indian Ocean 400km (250 miles) south-west of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is Asia’s smallest country by both area and density. It is a nation made up of almost 1,200 separate islands forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls, with roughly 200 inhabited islands - 90 of which are exclusive resorts. 

The islands outside of Malé, the Maldives’ capital city, boast a tranquil atmosphere free from the noise and pollution that plagues many other popular vacation destinations. This is especially true of the hotel resorts that concentrate on giving the prospective traveller a stress free vacation where they are indulged in absolute bliss and splendor. 

The sun shines all year round, with temperatures ranging from 77°F - 95 °F. However, as the Maldives has a monsoonal climate it is best to avoid travelling to the country during the wet season, which is between May and November. To ensure you have the optimum experience it is recommended to travel between the months of January and March. By doing this you are ensuring blue skies, little to no wind, serene crystal clear waters and jealous co-workers who are stuck at home in the winter cold. 

With 99% of the Maldives being water this presents the perfect opportunity for diving enthusiasts. Delving into the crystalline shallows and witnessing the thriving underwater ecosystem in all of its majesty is beautiful to behold. Whilst diving you will be presented by a multitude of colourful coral reef, over 1,100 species of fish, and 21 species of whale and dolphins that call the waters surrounding the many islands home.  

If you are looking to embrace the Maldives local cuisine you will find delicious traditional dishes such as mas riha - a fish curry made with fresh tuna, onion and coconut milk - at local restaurants. However, if this does not sound to your taste then there is no need to worry. Hotel resorts offer a multitude of international cuisines prepared by expert chiefs that will satisfy any pallet. 

If you are looking for a destination rich with culture then the Maldives again caters for your every need. The islands have a proud history and rich culture that has evolved over many centuries. It can be said the islands have become a melting pot for different ethnicities and beliefs due to the many people who have traversed across the Indian Ocean in search of paradise. 

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