Discover: New Tourist Attractions Around the World

Who doesn't love a good tourist attraction? Lucky for us, destinations know they have to keep us interested. Let's take a look at some of the new tourist attractions around the world designed to do just that.

Joseph di Pasquale - AM project
Guangzhou Circle, Guangzhou, China
This very cool copper-plated record? donut? is 453' tall and sits on the edge of the Pearl River. Visitors can enjoy restaurants & cafes inside while noting the reflection of the circle in the river as it becomes a figure-eight, a very lucky number in China.

Courtesy: Funtasy Island

Funtasy Island, Riau Islands, Indonesia
No, that's not a typo, this tourist attraction is called Funtasy Island. Cited as the world's largest eco-theme park, Funtasy Island is just 20 minutes away by boat from Singapore's Harbour Front while offering over 400 villas & suites along with a Beach Club, Water World Park, spa and restaurants.

Courtesy of Brewster Travel Canada/Glacier Skywalk
Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies
Similar to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Glacier Skywalk is a glass-floored observation platform with views of the 918' feet below, and the surrounding area of Sunwapta Valley and it's glacially fed water falls, of course. Opening in May 2014!

Courtesy Caesars Entertainment
Las Vegas High Roller & the LINQ
Las Vegas, NV
Nothing like getting drunk and going up 550' in the air! Just kidding. Last Friday marked the opening of the world's tallest observation wheel, Las Vegas High Roller. The LINQ is a new entertainment complex full of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife including The Yard House. Registered & Protected

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