Popular Casinos Around Europe

Via: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Europe has a long history of casinos with many of its current casinos actually being hundreds of years old. This allows patrons to still enjoy the same great games that they've always offered as well as many new ones. 

If you’re looking to travel to Europe there are so many different casinos 
to choose from that it can be sometimes hard to pick which one will be 
right for you. Fortunately, all you have to do is pick a country first 
and then you can choose whichever casino within it you like. 

Casino Barriére d’Enghien les Bains, Paris
France is a country that is almost known as the birthplace of the casino as there are some there that are hundreds of years old. One casino just outside of Paris is relatively new, however, it offers everything you could ever want from a modern casino in terms of games and services. This casino is called the Casino Barriére d’Enghien les Bains and is a definite must see if you are visiting Paris. 

Another new casino that is less than a year old can be found in London in the UK. This is called the Hippodrome and is an old theatre that has been converted into a brand-new casino much of its old charm while incorporating all the great games that you would ever want to play a casino, much like those at Lucky Nugget. The casino itself has many different events going on all the time including live tournaments for games such as poker as well as hundreds of slot machines and live tables for normal people to play at. This is a definite must see if you’re in the city of London as it will offer a great night out.

However, if you’re just looking for a place to visit that you know you 
will enjoy purely for the casino entertainment, why not check out Monte 
Carlo as it is classed as the European home of casinos, with the casino 
de Monte Carlo being its Mecca. 

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