Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

CABEAU Memory Foam Evolution Pillow

After the airlines starting charging fees for pillows, I used to be the person who didn't bother with one :p, but after getting a stiff neck during a quick jaunt, I made a spur-of-the-moment purchase and got a travel pillow at an airport store. It simply didn't work as it offered no support - so it was money wasted, and I ended up ditching it in a hotel room.

But after that, I found my perfect travel pillow nearly 5 years ago. Because I love it so much, I wanted to remind you about it again! I learned to travel smartly and comfortably with the Evolution Pillow from Cabeau. In fact, it's ergonomic design stabilizes your neck and head so well, it's recommended by physicians!

Let's take a closer look a the Evolution Travel Pillow:

  • it's make of comfortable memory foam
  • it comes with a soft, washable velour cover available in multiple colors including black, blue, orange, pink, a hibiscus print & more
  • it includes a FREE set of memory foam ear plugs!
  • features a lateral stabilizing support along with a rear headrest for even more comfort during your trip
  • there's a drawstring toggle for adjustability
  • the pillow compresses and fits into its' own compact waterproof carry bag
  • has a handy media pouch to hold your iPod or other music device
  • there's also a junior version available for kids, which is perfect for car seats!
  • an affordable price point at only $39.99 with free shipping (from Amazon), and only $19.99 for the kids version - both are great gift ideas!!
Like their slogan says, "Finally, a travel pillow that works!

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